Some Thing Means Everything to Somebody by Peter Mitchell, recommended by Mark Power

A crazy mishmash of objects from Peter Mitchell’s life-long collection (why would anyone keep a mistakenly delivered parcel unopened for ten years?) together with a beautiful set of scarecrow photographs. There’s something life-affirming about the book which is difficult to put my finger on, but I think it’s got something to do with the ordinary, everyday nature of the content which is treated with such love and affection. It adds another dimension to the enigmatic Mitchell, the father of British colour photography and one of photography’s great eccentrics. It’s a gem of a book, and it even comes with a little print.

Some Thing Means Everything to Somebody by Peter Mitchell can be purchased here.

Mark Power is a photographer and the author of several books. He is a member of Magnum and is the Professor of Photography at the University of Brighton.