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Between Us And The Sea by Tamara Lichtenstein

Between Us And The Sea by Tamara Lichtenstein

Editions du LIC 2013
Hardback 1st edition
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The debut volume from Tamara Lichtenstein presented in a limited edition hardcover book. This First Edition is limited to just 570 numbered copies.

Between Us And The Sea invites the reader on a mythical journey from Houston, Texas to Big Sur, California. Not a road trip as such, more the photographic record of countless escapes across country in an endless quest to reach the freedom of the sea. And yet, this is not a record of a physical landscape but of an emotional one. Ultimately, the photographer reveals that this is not merely a journey to the sea but a voyage from youth to womanhood.

A master of the tableau vivant, at times the young American photographer’s work approaches a form of modern day poses plastiques albeit one presenting a more subtle version of sensuality and eroticism. Deceptively, Lichtenstein’s photographs conceal a deeper sociological dimension; one infused with a  calculated psychological content. Friend, lover or muse become willing participants in the photographer’s mise-en-scéne; involved in a secret revolt,  a silent refusal, a game played with life and reality. Lichtenstein’s work expertly captures youth in a constant state of becoming.

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