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Can't Pay You To Disappear Thomas Vandenberghe

Can't Pay You To Disappear Thomas Vandenberghe
Akina 2016
Softcover 1st edition
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“Now my pictures communicate with one person, but maybe I can communicate with more that just one person.”

 The “Can’t pay you to disappear” urgent unraveling of the life-span of an intense relationship where love, death and obsession mix, also follows Vandenberghe’s ever-changing relationship with photography, from his early clean minimal images to his experiment with collage and physical intervention on the prints themselves.
The images of the book are scanned from Thomas’ original darkroom prints and mostly retain their original sizes, giving a precious insight to the photographers’ process and evolution.

Exquisite handmade edition of 200 copies with French Fold Stab Strip Binding, 2 Colours Silkprinting on White Cloth. Last copy.

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