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Chaos Theory of Violence and Silence by David Lynch

Chaos Theory of Violence and Silence by David Lynch

Akaaka 2012
Softcover, 1st edition
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I believe there are rules to follow which apply to painting and cinema. These rules are very friendly and very abstract. These rules make us feel there are infinite possibilities. They make us feel that even there are no rules! Yet the rules are there. They are not in a bool but exist inside us in the mind and heart. They reveal themselves through intuition just before and just after each action or decision. These rules apply to all mediums. Following them brings happiness. - David Lynch Includes text by the artist, and an English translation of text by Takayo Iida, chief curator, Aomori Museum of Art Published to accompany an exhibition of the same name at Larforet Museum Harajuku, Tokyo, November 10-December 2, 2012.

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