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Daido Moriyama 1965~ Daido Moriyama

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Daido Moriyama 1965~  Daido Moriyama

Akaaka 2013
Softcover, 1st edition
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Yoshihiko Ueda, photographer, selected and edited 106 images of Daido's photographs taken from 1964, the year that Daido Moriyama started his career as a photographer, until now. For Moriyama, the city was a single vast object of desire, and the world something that loomed erotically. 106 images trace the career of a photographer who sought in each moment his own desire and never ceased questioning in a radical manner "What is photography?" This book is published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at Gallery 916 where Yoshihiko Ueda opened in 2012. Unusually not printed full-bleed.

Recommended Moriyama retrospective with a fine selection of images.   Out of print.

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