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Dark Paintings and Seascapes Rothko | Sugimoto

Dark Paintings and Seascapes Rothko | Sugimoto
Pace Wildenstein 2012
Hardback, 1st edition
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From publisher: Published on the occasion of the opening of our newest location in London’s Mayfair in October 2012, Pace will inaugurate 6 Burlington Gardens with Rothko/Sugimoto: Dark Paintings and Seascapes, an exhibition juxtaposing Mark Rothko’s late black and grey paintings with Hiroshi Sugimoto’s contemporary photographs of the horizon line where sea meets sky. The exhibition marks the first gallery presentation of Rothko’s work in London in nearly fifty years and continues Pace’s series of exhibitions that explore affinities between artists working across decades and mediums.

“For several decades I have created seascapes, not depicting the world in photographs, I’d like to think, but rather projecting my internal seascapes onto the canvas of the world. Skies now forming bright rectangles, water now melting into dark fluid rectangles. I sometimes think I see a dark horizon cutting across Mark Rothko’s paintings. It’s then I unconsciously realize that paintings are more truthful than photographs and photographs are more illusory than paintings.” Hiroshi Sugimoto 2012.

SEALED copy with a few faint indentations to the cover, otherwise as new.  Out of print.

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