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Dublin (special edition) Krass Clement

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Dublin (special edition) Krass Clement

RRB Publishing 2017
Hardback, 1st edition with print
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For over twenty years, Krass Clement’s book Drum, photographed in a single evening, has long been regarded as one of the most iconic photobooks ever made. RRB are pleased to be able to now publish Dublin. The images in Dublin retain some of the style of Drum, an almost autobiographical account of the three journeys that Clement made into and out of Dublin while staying in Monaghan in March 1991.

The Dublin photobook is the first of Clement’s work to be published by RRB Publishing, and the first time any of his work has been published with an accompanying special edition print. The book will also coincide with an exhibition of the work at the Gallery of Photography, Ireland

Special edition of 100 signed copies with signed print of image shown (may be subject to change).


The regular edition of Dublin is available here .

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