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Etude III Wall by Hiroshi Takizawa

Etude III Wall by Hiroshi Takizawa

Self 2014
Softcover 1st edition

£30.00 In stock

Hiroshi Takizawa is a photographer / artist born in 1983. After studying psychology at university, he has been making and exhibiting photographic work. In 2010, he released works based on dream in 2010 and his recent works focus on stone, rock, and concrete, which he uses as motifs. He uses technique such as re-photographing and converting a photograph into a three-dimensional objects and bring to a focus the their effects on perception.『étude』is a series of self-published works in which unprocessed (raw) photo material is used. The series is meant as a kind of study. The images in the third edition 『etude III_wall』are close-ups of walls of buildings in Paris, printed on semi-gloss paper secured with a rubber band. The repetition of the depthless stonewalls converted to a material with a very different structure, paper, harbors a new type of imagination for the viewer to consider.

Limited edition of 50 copies only.

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