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In Almost Every Picture 2 Erik Kessels & Andrea Stultiens

In Almost Every Picture 2 Erik Kessels & Andrea Stultiens
Kesselskramer / Artimo 2003
Softcover 1st edition
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From publisher: Edited by Erik Kessels and Andrea Stultiens. Over the course of many trips together, the anonymous taxi driver takes dozens of photographs of his female rider, the taxi they drive in and the places he takes her. In Almost Every Picture we see the passenger and taxi in a new location, a place they have traveled to or through, on their way to some final destination. We see dramatic mountainscapes, fields, sunsets, city squares, highway rest-stops, each captured by the camera's shutter, as if to say: 'I have been here. Because of this passenger. And this car. This taxi. You have to believe me. This is where we were.' After examining the series, we begin to wonder if perhaps a small love affair is going on in between the back seat and the front seat of the cab. We imagine that, out there on a road, a taxi driver is forever taking the same passenger on a journey from someplace to someplace else. He drives uncharacteristically slowly, and every once in a while they stop and get out so that the taxi driver can officially record their existence In Almost Every Picture. Out of print 2nd book in the In Almost Every Picture series.