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In Search of Lost Memories by Hajime Kimura

In Search of Lost Memories by Hajime Kimura

Reminders 2015
Hardback 1st edition with print
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It was in January of this year when I realized that I lost my memory.
When I found my family album during cleaning a closet. That was the trigger.

I have dimmed, but partial memory before my mother died, when I was 16 years old.
I do have some memories, but they are not necessarily the ones in the photographs.
Those memories seem to be correct, my sister says.

Though, few family memories are remembered when I was 16 years old to 29 years old.
Especially memories when I was 29 years old is lacking, even it’s just 4 years ago.
Those photos were taken just before 3 months my father died.

Come to think of it now, at the time I may try to imprint by force the fact that I was there by confirming those photos. I lost my memory totally but I pretend to remember, pretend to recognize the photos because they have become an imitation memory for me. I couldn’t remember most of the images.

Seeing photos that I may shoot, I tell myself that my father really died.
After a few years later he died, I started trace his foot prints.
I thought it was the very only way to reduce the distance between him and me.

- Hajime Kimura

Handmade edition of 33 copies, each with an A4 print.  A beautiful delicate production. 

Choice of three prints available while limited stocks last, please specify preference.

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