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Litmus Test by Ed Templeton

Litmus Test by Ed Templeton

Superlabo 2010
Softcover 1st edition
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Litmus Test, the new book by Ed Templeton is a collection of photographs from his trip to Russia in 2007. "It was a short trip, only 6 days." Templeton says in his text. A trip where he shot constantly in the wide-eyed amazement of a first-timer in a new place, picking up on the social differences of the people and places so mythical to a child who grew up in the cold-war. The photographs in Litmus Test were printed by hand in Templeton's home darkroom expressly for this Super-Labo book and written on by Templeton himself, pulling quotes from various literature and luminaries from history.

Limited edition of 500 copies.  Last few copies, faint rubbing.

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