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More Juergen Teller | Stephanie Seymour

Steidl 2002
Softcover, 1st edition
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In this, the last book in a trilogy begun with Go- Sees and continued with Tracht,Juergen Teller concludes his examination of contemporary society's preconceived notions of beauty. MORE, a collaboration with supermodel Stephanie Seymour, is a collection of intimate portraits shot over the last two-and-a-half years at Seymour's homes in Connecticut, New York, and Miami Beach. Through such unsettling images as close-ups of Seymour's lips and a depiction of her poised precariously on Jeff Koon's enormous Puppy Teller's trademark candor brings us closer to the inconsistencies that mark the life of this beauty icon.

Rare item.

Paper slipcase quite worn and bent on one corner, split at edges.  Inside book is in very good condition with faint yellowing to page edges and old price sticker to acetate rear.