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Norwegian Journal of Photography by Various

Norwegian Journal of Photography by Various

Journal 2013
Softcover, 1st edition
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The first volume of the Norwegian Journal of Photography (to be published once every two years), supported by the Fritt Ord (Freedom of Speech) Foundation, featuring the work of 10 Norwegian photographers; Oddleiv Apneseth, Ingvild Vaale Arnesen, Linda Bournane Engelberth, Andrea Gjestvang, Ellen Lande Gossner, Eivind H. Natvig, Karin Beate Nøsterud, Monica Larsen, Marie Sjøvold and Helge Skodvin. “From road trips to more metaphysical journeys,” the photographers Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb wrote in an introduction to the book, “from isolated northern towns to more ethnically diverse southern cities, from Norway’s elderly to its youth, what these NJP projects share is a kind of questioning of the complicated issues that face Norway today.” A varied and evocative collection of work. Recommended. Edition of 1000 copies.

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