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Pylon (SIGNED) by Masafumi Sanai

Pylon (SIGNED) by Masafumi Sanai

Match & Co 2011
Softcover 1st edition
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From publisher: "Sanai seems to be a child of mixed race between photography and human. He was asked, "how many percent are you photography?" Then, he answered "70% is photography and the rest is a human." Also, he said that photographs could be changed by only photography itself. Since the end of last year through January 18 (his birthday), the exhibition "PYLON" was held in Tokyo. Many various people visited there and left many comments... "Sanai has been exploring something although he knew he could not reach anything. He will continue to stare the world in his all time." "I have never stayed at the exhibition space for such long time. Every time I look again I find different views in his images." This book is a kind of a turning point of Sanai. He plans to publish 10 books (including this book) with same size and same layout next several years. "PYLON" suggests us that the end and also starting of his wandering leads him newer standpoint in photography."

Edition of 700 copies. Signed by Masafumi Sanai.

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