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Scandinavian by Massimo Leardini

Scandinavian by Massimo Leardini

Editions du LIC 2013
Hardback 1st edition
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The first book specifically devoted to the Scandinavian works of the Italian photographer, Massimo Leardini. Presented in a large format clothbound hardcover book and beautifully reproduced using Triotone offest printing on Arctic Volume Ivory paper, Scandinavian by Massimo Leardini features photoshoots with, amongst others, Iselin Steiro, Marianne Schröder, Viktoria Winge, Jenny Sinkaberg and Ophelie Rupp. This First Edition is limited to just 440 numbered copies. Originally from Cattolica, in the Italian Province of Rimini, Massimo Leardini has lived and worked in Norway since 1987 and become one of the most sought-after photographers in Scandinavia. His work, which has received numerous awards and prizes, appears regularly in leading fashion magazines, including Elle, Carl’s Cars, S-Magazine, Smug and Personae. Rooted in the classical tradition, Leardini uses his unique aesthetic sensibility to capture the human body in harmony with the timeless Scandinavian landscape. Despite the seeming purity and innocence of these candid moments, a quiet sense of melancholy pervades and seems to hint at a deeper undercurrent of Nordic angst. Embossed cloth covered hardcover with tipped-in print, first edition of 400 numbered copies.

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