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Ser Sangre Inaki Domingo

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Ser Sangre Inaki Domingo

Editorial RM / Here 2014
Hardback, 1st edition
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‘Ser Sangre’ (‘To Be Blood’) is a collaboration between Iñaki Domingo and his family to produce a visual record of their summer vacation together. All members of the family were invited to participate in the decision-making process, from conception to the final form of the project as a book.

Each member of the family contributed intuitively whatever he or she thought could be of interest, though none of them had any artistic training or background in creative work. They produced installations, body painting, recipes, archival work, illustrations and performance. Domingo’s photographs document these contributions by his family and constitute his own contribution to this collective narrative.

”Ser Sangre’ is a visual totem that shows who we are as a family, how we see ourselves, and how we interact: a sort of collective definition of ourselves,’ explains Domingo.

‘Ser Sangre’ is co-published with RM and Cuadernos de la Kursala.

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