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Supertourist by Max Pam

Supertourist  by Max Pam

Near fine (see below)
Editions Bessard 2013
Hardback 1st edition with print
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This new Max Pam book SUPERTOURIST combines four chapters: Bi-Fold Album V Collage, Old World v New World, Object v Artefact and Islam v Asia. The conceptual thinking behind these areas of enquiry has produced a completely new body of work from field trips covering the 4 corners of the planet over the past decade. The photographer has used the same SUPERTOURIST concept to trawl through his huge archive of unpublished work. By enfolding unseen work from the past with new production we are offered a whole new interpretation of why this photographer remains one of the most authentically original and gifted photographers at work in the world today.

He has used a variety of media and technology – plastic cameras, saturated and overexposed colours, digital prints, colour and black & white, photocopying and apparent accidents. In the words of photo critic Robert Cook, “he has used his knowledge of what it means to take a good picture to give him the latitude to take risks. … Max continually encourages the viewer to interpret objects as revelatory fragments. Erotic, arch and ironic, SUPERTOURIST takes the viewer on a journey through related arenas of travel, sex, desire and identity.” In terms of the specifics of his chapter Object v Artefact

Pam comments: “Today I am still THING hungry. But then so is almost everyone else. As a photographer I can amplify this obsession. Things depicted in my photographs connect to the inner tension of an emotional backstory speculating on nowness and about how the world operates right in the moment and what is in it for me. I look for what understandings can be derived from working on photographing a particular object/artefact. Reducing it to its essential power to connect in a satisfying, maximum use of its presence, its symbolism and metaphor loaded potential, scoping magic realist understandings.” Sometimes seemingly trivial, always ironic, these are the images, the recollections of the Supertourist, the traveller, the observer. For that is Max Pam’s definitive strength, his vision, his gift. He is an observer – he captures the moment and more importantly the sense of the moment. The isolation of travel (despite the people he meets), the little things (despite the grand boulevard surrounding it), the view from the room, even his name caught in the spotlight of his camera is an observation.

A stylishly designed photobook presented in a slipcase, and with a signed print by Max Pam secured to the first page. Edition of 500 copies.

DISPLAY COPY - last one! - small bump to one corner, otherwise fine.

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