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Surficial Survey Taiji Matsue

Surficial Survey Taiji Matsue

Nohara / Izu Photo Museum 2012
Hardback 1st edition

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Taiji Matsue has photographed the surfaces of the earth around the world—mountains, deserts, forests, cities. By taking photographs during the time of day when light falls uniformly across the surface, shadows and horizons are eliminated from the frame and emotionality is carefully excised. The minuteness of the images that reveal details the more one looks at them allows us to experience anew the pleasure of viewing photographs. Matsue’s work in both color and monochrome media can largely be divided into two series. The “CC” series comprises photographs of cities that use city codes in their titles, and the “gazetteer” (a geographic dictionary) series has titles that incorporate place-names such as the Alps. Since 2010 he has also begun to exhibit works in video. These works appear at first to be still images but when viewed for a certain amount of time, changes in the details reveal them as moving images; they have been described as “moving photographs.” This book is comprised of color and video works, including JP-22, photographed in Shizuoka Prefecture, and introduces the evolving expansiveness of the world of Taiji Matsue that straddles the boundary of still and moving images. An excellent hardback catalogue with text in English and Japanese published to accompany Matsue's exhibition at Izu Photo Museum in 2012.

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