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The Golden Age of Neglect by Ed Templeton

The Golden Age of Neglect by Ed Templeton

Near fine
Drago 2004
Softcover 2nd edition
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There are teenage smokers and drinkers. There are those whose despondence is clearly evident as they confront the camera with vacant eyes. This, quite simply put, is The Golden Age of Neglect - a classic example of Ed Templeton's work which is deeply anchored in street life and street style, music (rock, punk, and rap), and graphic culture (wall paintings, murals, tags, and graffiti). This is the vision of an artist who crosses the realms of art, sports, sex, drugs, violence, fashion, and youth. A fixture of the Los Angeles skateboarding scene, Ed Templeton has been producing photographs, documenting a real story of his life, international tours, and encounters in the skateboarding world for over 10 years. Fuelled by incredible raw energy, irreverence, and spontaneity, his work is comprised of an extraordinary number of photographs and canvases, as well as a body of graphic work from drawings, sketch books and collages to montages and correspondence. This book is the reprint of the original version, which quickly rose to cult status shortly after its first printing in 2002.   Near fine copy with slightly twisted spine.

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