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The Lonely Ones Gus Powell

The Lonely Ones Gus Powell

Lazy Dog 2017
Hardback 2nd edition
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Inspired by the late, great cartoonist William Steig and his classic book, The Lonely Ones (which pairs Steig’s line-drawn characters with simple one-liners of dialogue-to-self), photographer Gus Powell (born 1974) made his own “lonely ones”—quiet but evocative color photographs of interiors and landscapes, inhabited by people, animals and inanimate characters.

Every photograph is paired with a suggestive text, functioning here as the opposite of a caption—each of the 40 color photographs in The Lonely Ones is hidden by a gate fold, on which is printed the single phrase. Every photograph is revealed individually behind its gate fold. “Which way to the symposium?,” paired with a photograph of a butterfly in midair.

This three languages new edition published by Lazy Dog is enriched, in addition to English, by Italian and Japanese translations.


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