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Whispering Hope (signed) Chikara Umihara

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Whispering Hope (signed) Chikara Umihara

Self 2017
Hardback, 1st edition
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"WHISPERING HOPE is to travel the USA by bus, in order to investigate and experience both the physical and mental state of America, by consuming its distance and time on the road. In the course of 5 years (2011-2016), I made 20 trips, without setting specific destinations to arrive.

I chose the bus as my means of transportation for the project because traveling by bus was a completely different experience from setting out on the road by car. Being on the road in America usually implies a romantic notion of free spirit, adventure and discovery, feeling alive and open to a future filled with possibilities. Contrarily, the bus had its own system, specific limitations and rules to be followed. It had schedules and was shared by about 40 other passengers. The bus has served as an accessible system of public transportation in the country and provided a communal experience as well. When I first opened up the bus route map, it looked like blood vessels running and circulating through the human body.

Riding on the bus for days, the road seemed to extend endlessly, and the romanticism for ‘being on the road’ had soon disappeared. This transformative process in my notion formed what later became WHISPERING HOPE."

Edition of 300 copies.  Design by SYB.

Selected in Photobooks of 2017 by Alec Soth.

Signed copy.

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