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White by Risaku Suzuki

Edition Nord 2012
Softcover, 1st edition in box
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"Snowflakes are letters sent from heaven." - Ukichiro Nakaya The photographer Risaku Suzuki has been taking pictures of snows and snowscapes since 2004. His sense of sight gained by going into frigid, snowy mountains with a large format camera every year to keep facing the white world beyond control of men, takes us away to nowhere, a place farther from snowy mountains and makes us float in the clear light and the tense air. As the title "White" suggests, questioning the "whiteness" is to question the physicality that brings photography into existence, such as paper, light sensitivity, emulsion and frame, as well as the metaphysics of photography such as light, colors, blank space and outline. - The printing paper is selected by comparing the whiteness with photographic paper and through careful test printings. The printing uses the high-definition FM screening technique to bring the very delicate color balance of its highlight neighborhood, which is difficult to recreate by four process colors, infinitely close to the original by the author's attendance at the printing process. In order to keep the pages flat, the bookbinding daringly applies the particular method modeled on side stitching, of which book is usually difficult to open wide, in a new interpretation. An exquiste production, presented in a cardboard outer box. Edition of 1000 copies.

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